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The fitness industry was one that was hit hard by COVID-19. Run Repeat shares some eye-opening stats on the industry’s impacts from the pandemic:


  • The American gym and health care industry lost almost $14 billion between March and August 2020
  • More than 38,000 facilities across the country closed down due to the virus
  • There have been half a million industry layoffs since March 2020

On the plus side, a global pandemic does have a way of putting a serious spotlight on the importance of strong health. While people may not have been hitting the gym with vacation beachwear in mind, there has been a heightened appreciation for overall long-term health and the role that regular exercise plays in it.

A whole country full of gym-goers had to make alternate fitness arrangements once the lock-downs began, and some of these former gym-goers may be resistant to return to the gym. Health clubs are going to need to use every tool at their disposal if they are going to attract these members back into the fold. One such tool that could be a potential game-changer for health clubs is bioelectrical impedance analysis.

What is Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis?

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is a technique in which weak low and high-frequency electrical currents are sent through the water in the human body in order to calculate impedance. InBody describes impedance as “the vector sum of resistance and reactance – it is what BIA devices use to determine your body composition and is measured in ohms.” While there are several applications for BIA, one popular use of this technology is in assessing and monitoring fitness-related outcomes, such as fat-free mass and body fat.

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Giving Health Clubs a Competitive Advantage

BIA devices are growing in popularity and starting to become a fixture in several successful fitness centers. For serious athletes, these devices provide insights that traditional means simply cannot rival and allows them to make educated decisions to improve their performance. BIA devices are a tremendous tool for personal trainers to have access to and allow them to deliver more customized regimes for their clientele. In these competitive times, giving your members access to this cutting-edge and effective piece of technology will give your organization a viable edge. And the results that your members experience by making use of this technology will keep them engaged and coming back.

What Sets InBody Apart?

InBody is a worldwide leader in BIA device technology. They are differentiated from other devices on the market as follows:

  • Accuracy: InBody is known as one of the most accurate devices on the market as it has a high correlation to gold-standard methods
  • Personalized feedback: due to the accuracy of their data collection, the feedback provided is extremely individualized to the user’s body composition
  • No estimations: whereas several BIA devices use empirical data to assist in their calculations, which may skew the readings, InBody does not


As the world collectively moves to a more proactive approach to healthcare, outfitting your organization with this revolutionary piece of equipment will earn loyalty and repeat business.

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