Fired up to start a nutrition business?

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Why us?

Long story short, because you’re awesome, we’re awesome, and you’ll have a built-in support structure as you take on this exciting journey.

Not enough to sway you? Fair enough! NHQ is a great opportunity because of our experience in the industry, our team-focused mindset, and our unparalleled support and coaching for our owners.

Don’t know how to read a P&L statement? Not sure what products you should stock? Need support on site selection? We’re here to support you.

20+ years of experience

Ricky Hall (our founder and resident storyteller) has been running successful nutrition franchises for more than 15 years. His experiences and expertise are what have shaped the NutritionHQ brand.

If you ever saw Ricky you’d be shocked that he ever struggled with health (those muscles are no joke) But back in his Military College days Ricky struggled with his fitness and body image. That’s when he discovered nutrition: How what we eat can fuel us and help us become our very best.

Helping fuel our communities best days is still our central mission as a company, and as we grew into a franchise we now help business owners live out that mission in their own communities.

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Owning a NutritionHQ in our local community is immensely rewarding. We love being a resource to people on their health and wellness journey. Watching transformations outwardly, but most importantly inwardly, is an honor.

NutritionHQ, Quincy

My NutritionHQ franchise is not just a source of income and a site for work, but an unobstructed path to meet my highest creativity, passion and love for helping people. NutritionHQ has an industry leading model for success with its vision, and it is fun and easy to attract customers and prospective team members.

NutritionHQ, Mishawaka

Our Core Values

  • It’s Cool to Care

    We genuinely care for our customers, team, partners, and communities. And we don’t say that lightly! We’ve built this value into our hiring, training, sales methods, marketing, products, and community outreach.

  • Health is Personal — So Are Solutions

    Passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle is paramount here at NutritionHQ. We firmly believe in the value of nutrition and movement, and our solutions are personalized because everyone’s journey in health is unique.

  • No Such Thing as Failure

    Our team is driven, always striving for better, and we don’t believe in the word failure. We DO believe in learning, making adjustments, and improving next time because that’s how we achieve our goals and help those around us do the same!

  • Solutions Over Selling

    We are not in the business of selling, we are in the business of solving problems. This means we will adjust program plans to better fit our customer’s budget, build out nutrition plans, and refer the best trainers/physios/gyms.

  • The Best in Expertise & Products

    We source the very best products, partner with the best in our communities, and are always (every damn day) giving our customer’s our very best advice to help them achieve their goals.

How We're DIfferent

This is no ordinary nutrition business

  • Unmatched owner support & coaching
  • Proudly veteran-owned brand
  • Never feel alone on your business journey
  • Low initial investment
  • Team-focused approach
  • Earn more with our tiered royalty program
  • Proprietary selling method
  • Low staffing requirement
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Meet Our Founder

  • Ricky Hall

    NHQ Founder

    Ricky Hall spent 15 years running several successful nutrition franchise locations, learning every up and down of the supplement and fitness industry. He is a veteran, phenomenal storyteller, and passionate-as-hell about supporting NutritionHQ franchise owners.

Our Franchise Team

  • Tyler Hall

    Operations Manager

    Tyler Hall grew up in the supplement industry, spending summer vacations as young as nine visiting his dad’s nutrition business. Tyler is the NutritionHQ Operations Manager, owns the NutritionHQ Quincy location, and is passionate about creating healthier communities.

  • Jeremy Sexton

    Franchise Validator

    Jeremy Sexton has more than 15 years experience in the health, wellness, and fitness industries. Jeremy supports the NHQ team with franchise validation, owns the NutritionHQ Mishawaka location, and is a skilled team builder.

The NutritionHQ Vision

Our vision is that every person that walks through the doors of a NutritionHQ feels understood and impacted through nutrition, coaching, and connection with a community.

Motivated by our mission

Our mission? That’s easy – to fuel our communities best days through nutrition, community, and expert advice.

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